Becoming A Reviewer

In this modern age, the internet has given everyone the ability to provide their views and opinions on fiction books. While it is tempting to say that “everyone is a critic” the fact is that to be actual reviewer requires certain qualities. People who want to become reviewers on a professional level need to have them to succeed.

An Extensive Knowledge Of Books

The best reviewers will have read a considerable number of books. This will give them the experience to be able to recognise a great new piece of work when they read it. Generally speaking, the more books a person has read, the more extensive their knowledge of the literary world will become.

Great Analytical Skills

The analysis is the critical skill that a reviewer needs to have. They should be able to look in each crucial aspect of the story and decide how effective it is. Elements that can be analysed include the use of language, characterisation, narrative and pacing.

Ability To Make Intertextual Links

No fictional novel is written in a vacuum. Every author will end up being influenced by others either on purpose or subconsciously. The reviewer should be able to recognise when this happens and make links between each text. This is where reading a large number of books will come in handy.

Understand What The Reader Wants

It is tempting for a reviewer only to have their own opinions and tastes in mind when writing about a book. However, they should instead think about what the general reader wants from the novel. This mindset will help them create a much broader review.

A Sense Of Fairness

Some reviewers are overly nice about books, whereas others are too pessimistic. A decent review needs to be somewhere in the middle. It should discuss both the pros and cons of the book.