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Fiction Books About The Internet

It is fair to say that the internet is an integral part of modern life. Since writers of fiction strive to portray the human experience, it makes sense that recent books will feature the internet prominently. There are numerous ways that

How Authors Can Use The Internet

The internet has revolutionised the ways that writers can produce new forms of fiction. Being able to get online can give artists an edge over their competitors. If authors are planning a new book, they can utilise the power of the

Review Mediums

It is becoming increasingly popular for regular people to create their reviews of fiction books. All the person needs to do is read the novel then present their views through some medium. There are several to choose from. Most are not

Popular Fiction Genres

If a writer wants to create a great work of fiction, one of the first things they need to think about is the genre that they will be working in. Genre is basically another term for the kind of book that