Fiction Books About The Internet

It is fair to say that the internet is an integral part of modern life. Since writers of fiction strive to portray the human experience, it makes sense that recent books will feature the internet prominently. There are numerous ways that authors can utilise the web as an element of their work.

The Internet As A Personified Creature

One of the more unique methods is to have the internet as a living, breathing creature. This is most prevalent in the science fiction genre. Writers can come up with imaginative ways to bring the web to life.

The Internet As A Villainous Entity

Science fiction also tends to portray technology as a whole as dangerous for the human race. The internet is no exception when it comes to this trope. A good example is the “Skynet” network seen in the Terminator spin-off novels. In these kinds of books, the web has been used for evil and sometimes even causes the end of the world.

The Internet As A Useful Tool

Of course, readers will know that in the real world, there are many benefits to the internet. This includes excellent services such as which can help people develop their brand. More realistic and optimistic fiction novels portray the internet as a force for good. The main characters will use it to help them on their journey.

Fictional Websites

Worldbuilding is a crucial way to make fictional stories seem more engaging and real. If the web exists in a fictional world, then it makes sense to create fictional websites as well. This can end up being an activity that gets the writer’s imagination firing.

The fictional websites could be based on real-world ones. By doing this, the writer can make a statement about the pros and cons of different internet companies.