Terrifyingly believable.


And wonderful.

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The Last Fisherman

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 . . . a Catholic answer to the LEFT BEHIND books.

. . . Awesome. I got chills

. . . I found myself with goose bumps

. . Here's a promise: Anyone who reads the first twenty-five pages will be incapable of  doing anything  but finish the book. . . and the ending is worth it.

. . Not only does England make it believable, he makes it electrifying

. . . nice for once to read an apocalyptic tale that isn't focused on the evangelical view . . .

 . . . has you weeping and praying right along with the characters.

New! FREE IS BEAUTIFUL: Why Catholics should be libertarian

Free is Beautiful: Why Catholics  should be libertarian

Free is Beautiful by Randy England uses the scriptures, the writings of the Saints, the Catechism and Catholic social teaching to show why Catholicism is essentially libertarian; the only political philosophy that takes our God-given free will seriously.

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Free is Beautiful blog and  information on paper & ebook editions.

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