Location is a fundamental element of fiction writing. Part of being a good author has the ability to convey the location clearly and effectively. The possibilities are endless when it comes to coming up with a setting. There are several ways that they can be utilised.

Taking The Main Character On A Journey

The setting will be the places that the main action of the story takes place. Writers can use the environment to take the character on a journey. The main goal is for the role to end up changed by the events that occur in these locations.

Reflecting The Real World

Sometimes the location is used by the writer to send a message about modern life. The settings could be exaggerated or metaphorical versions of the real world. Sometimes they are meant to represent society as a whole. This is often the case for more political and satirical works of fiction.

Creating An Atmosphere

One of the hardest things about writing is managing to convey the right kind of atmosphere. Despite being difficult, it is a crucial part of the fiction. The setting and the atmosphere are intrinsically linked. The way authors use their words to describe their fictional world will create the atmosphere and tone.

Shared Worlds

Some works of fiction are in the public domain. This means that there is no copyright and so any writers can use the world of the story to create their work. This has been the case for several novels over the years. Good examples include Tarzan, Dracula and A Christmas Carol.

Use Of Real Life Locations

If writers are struggling to create their fictional world, there is an alternative. They could instead set their story in well-known locations of the real world. These tend to be recognisable and famous landmarks.