Review Mediums

It is becoming increasingly popular for regular people to create their reviews of fiction books. All the person needs to do is read the novel then present their views through some medium. There are several to choose from. Most are not as restrictive as traditional methods, allowing practically anyone to spread their reviews and gain an audience.

Online Articles

One of the most common types of book reviews is in the form of an online article. These can be published either on a website or social media platform. They are popular because they can reach a mass audience immediately. They can also be shared by others, allowing the review to spread.

Magazines And Newspapers

This is one of the more traditional types of review. The downside is that not everyone is able to get their work printed in a magazine or newspaper. However, one positive aspect is the fact that it will be vetted by an editor, increasing the chances of it being a high-quality review.


Podcasting has become very popular in recent years. There is a plethora of podcasts for the general public to choose from. Several of them deal with fictional book reviews. This format is solely audio in nature. It tends to appeal to a mass audience.


If writers do not want to be constrained by the word limits of short articles, they can write an entire book of reviews instead. This will inevitably take much longer. However, it will also allow the reviewer to write much more extensively.

Online Videos

If reviewers want to work in a format that is both visual and audio based, then they have the option to present their reviews in video form. If they upload it to a popular site or app, it could potentially reach millions of viewers.